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Send Free SMS to Your dude Phone, +150 Sites Web Offer Send Free SMS or Send Free MMS

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Send Free SMS to Your dude Phone, +150 Sites Web Offer Send Free SMS or Free MMS

  • We Have Collected Many Sites Web That Offer Free SMS From PC To Mobile Service For All Country Without Exception.
  • Please if you find another sites that offer FREE SMS inform us by adding your commentary or Contact-Us.
  • Please if you are interested by a site that offer SEND FREE SMS show us your admiration by adding a commentary but don't forget tell us which is.

Directory Sites Free SMS :

1. – Boasts of having 12 million satisfied users. No doubt, 160by2 is one of the very popular site to send free SMS to any where in India. You can send 140 character long ad free SMS using their service. Group SMS is also supported but with some restriction.
best sites to send free sms india - 160by2
2. Way2SMS – Just like 160by2 you can use Way2SMS to send free SMS to any mobile network in India free of coast. It’s one of the very popular web site in India. Boasts of having 20 million registered users. It offers fast delivery of your SMS that within 10 seconds in most cases. Way2SMS allows you to send 140 character long ad free messages. Group SMS are also allowed but with some restrictions. Other than free SMS service, Way2SMS has lots of other features like chat, free email alerts on mobile and more.
best sites to send fast free sms india - way2sms
3. FullonSMS – Another popular service to send free SMS in India. You can send unlimited full 140 characters ad free SMS using FullonSMS online service. Group SMS are also allowed.
fullonsms - free online sms service
4. Indyarocks – When we look for best free SMS online providers in India a name that we can’t undermine is Indyarocks. Fast message delivery is the main attraction of Indyarocks. It offers delivery of your message in less than one minute and it did it in our test. Indyarocks took less than 10 seconds to deliver SMS in our test. Another fast online free SMS service just like Way2SMS. You can send maximum 130 character size SMS with their service. Unlimited ad free SMS and group SMS are allowed.
fast free sms anywhere to india - Indyarocks
The above are the four popular sites to send free text messages to any mobile number in India. Try any of the above service to cut your mobile bill significantly. Also one important thing. The above sites have lots of cool features other than mentioned here. So check it out yourself.

  • 3jam – group messaging servic e via the web.  Message groups of up to 100. 3Jam offers free and premium service.
  • 4INFO – 4INFO is the largest provider of free text message alerts and information in the United States. 4INFO is about bringing you the information you want, when you want it.
    811 – Free SMS site for USA and Canada – unlimited messages.
  • 88444 – launches do-it-yourself mobile marketing campaigns from the convenience of your desktop computer.
  • Africa SMS – Allows to send instant alerts, text and deffered messages to mobile phones around the world from your desktop.
  • – Offers a free short text messaging and blogging service optimized for mobile phones.
  • Amethon Mobile Data Solutions – Mobile data solutions provider based in Sydney, Australia. Specialising in WAP and SMS based technologies. Offer outsourced WAP hosting and SMS gateway.
  • AspSMS – Features text, bulk and binary SMS, also includes delivery notification, operator logos, and ringtones.
  • Bond Wireless – Provider of global two-way SMS connectivity and applications.
  • Brand2Hand – Fully automated intelligent web based SMS communication tool. Live two way text campaign manager, Surveys, Competitions, Operator Logos, Ringtones and many other facilities. (online demo)
  • 123bulksms – Bulk SMS messaging services and SMS Gateway connectivity provider.
  • Bulletin Online – Web tools and programs, broadcast text messaging worldwide, plus subscription based email to SMS.
  • Channelmobile – offers turnkey solutions for SMS, Bulk SMS, MMS, WAP Push Messaging, WAP Billing Solutions, Mobile Payment Gateways, Mobile Websites (Mobisites), Premium Rate SMS.
  • Cherple - Free text messages to US cell phones for anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. With Cherple you have to download their software and install it on your computer (Windows and Mac version available).
  • Clickatell (Pty) Ltd. – Provides bulk SMS messaging services and gateway connectivity. Headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • ClickSMS – Text messaging service and bulk SMS provider. based in the UK.
  • ClubTexting – allows your business to build text message marketing campaigns with our easy to use, affordable SMS text messaging software.
  • Connection Software – Send SMS text messages from a web page, PC or APIs.
  • – SMS service for small to mid-size companies. Get a shared short code.
  • E-Call – SMS service giving an address book, history logbook, group lists, ringtones and screen graphics. Free and Premium versions of the service exist.
  • Egypt SMS – Corporate SMS solutions, supporting SMPP, EMI/UCP and HTTP with global coverage.
  • End2End – Mobile data services – Provides solution for M2M, telemetry, telematics, interactive SMS, number portability and mobile internet.
  • EzTexting – Ez Texting is a Group SMS Text Messaging solution for businesses large and small, groups, and individuals.
  • Everywhereigo - A self-service mobile solutions provider for individuals and companies seeking to build their own mobile website.
  • FunMail – MMS consumer and enterprise services for wireless carriers including comics, and greetings.
  • General Wireless – Provider of mobile messaging solutions based on the SMS, EMS, and MMS standards.
  • Google SMS – Offers United States local business listings, driving directions, movie showtimes, weather conditions, stock quotes and dictionary definitions on mobile phone.
  • – Intercarrier text messaging gateway between North American wireless phone networks.
  • HeyWire – HeyWire allows users to text and chat on multiple screens. Start a conversation on your MAC, pick it up where you left off on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Currently in beta for PC & MAC.
  • iLoop -  iLoop Mobile is the leader in mobile technology and services that make mobile marketing and mobile content delivery fast, easy and compelling.
  • iMezz – offers global sms text message delivery to consumers and businesses worldwide.
  • Information Gateway – A wireless applications service provider offering a wide array of innovative products for mobile entertainment and messaging.
  • Inspirus – Provides SMS solution to Australian businesses.
  • InvolveMobile – Mobile marketing that is powerful and easy to use, with short code & bulk SMS.
  • iZigg – iZigg is building the largest worldwide mobile media community where businesses and people can now stay connected through the world’s most recognizable mobile media shortcode- 90210.
  • Joopz – SMS message from the web. Set up groups of up to 10 and mass-broadcast updates.  Free and premium service offerings available.
  • Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway – Open Source for WAP and SMS Gateway. Sites provides downloads of the software and related documentation.
  • Loadntxt – Offers two-way text messaging service between the United States and the Philippines.
  • mBlox – SMS – Two-way services worldwide for entertainment, messaging and media applications; includes revenue collection services.
  • Mobile Alerts – Allows to send individualized SMS messages globally.
  • Mobile-Sender SMS – Mobile Sender provide free SMS services to the USA and around the world. Members can send unlimited amount of free messages.
  • Mobile Storm – Mobile Storm is proven mobile solutions provider with almost a decade of experience. They have delivered 2+ billion messages and executed a million email and mobile marketing campaigns on behalf of thousands of customers.
  • Mobivity – SMS solutions for users who wish to build their own mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Mtn Sms – Send SMS messages to MTN’s partner networks throughout the world.
  • Msg2Send -  Msg2Send is a self-service SMS service that offers several tools to help you deliver an effective and efficient marketing campaign. Some of the features available are campaign builder, quick send, auto response, unique contact list management and unsubscribe options.
  • mResource – mResource provides a robust messaging platform designed to help employers deliver mobile recruitment campaigns. Not only can they help speed up the screening process with through their smart text messaging platform, but they can also provide mobile career site development.  Employers can easily view live results and integrate with existing ATS technology.
  • MX Telecom – Provider of SMS and MMS solutions, with direct connections to all the major UK carriers.
  • (Recently acquired by Movitas) – A private labeled, easy to use technology that provides service organizations everything they need to mobile-enable their clients.
  • Pinger – Textfree lets iPhone and iPod touch owners send free text messages to any US mobile phone. Replies come free too!
  • Powered SMS – Allowing bulk sms via web to mobile, https covering worldwide network.
Promo2cell – Allows bulk SMS messages.
  • PSWin – SMS Gateway provider with global coverage. Advanced web-based service for setting up two-way SMS services and group messaging.
  • Qittle – Qittle helps businesses create, customize and manage a mobile marketing initiative.
  • Quios – Text messaging and news delivery to mobile devices.
  • Recruit2Mobile – Mobile Marketing/SMS Solution Provider for small to large companies.
  • Red Fish Media – Red Fish Media is a top tier provider of Mobile Marketing services and SMS applications.
  • Red Oxygen – Tools to send and receive SMS messages from Outlook, Lotus Notes and Microsoft Windows, or to integrate messaging capability into other applications.
  • Roam Secure – Offers an emergency communications service over SMS networks to handheld devices. Also offer email to SMS service.
  • SendaFreeSMS – Send Free SMS to any UK mobile using free TXTs services found online.
  • SendSMSNow – Send free sms to many countries including USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Europe (not the UK), Figi, Kazakhstan, Kenya and other African countries.
  • Simplewire – Simplewire is a wireless messaging infrastructure and software provider.
  • 2sms – Provides business text messaging service, allowing to communicate with people via mobile phone, direct from computer.
  • SmartReply – SmartReply is North America’s largest mobile marketing and mobile advertising provider, with the most comprehensive multi-channel solutions in the industry.
  • SMS-24 SMS Gateway – Offering fast and reliable worldwide SMS delivery at low cost, including pictures, logos and ringtones.
  • SMS Storm – Provides software for desktop sms service with no internet connection, just need mobile and pc.
  • – Global community system offering SMS and multimedia messaging services. Service includes an initial free message quota but does levy charges for sending messages to your phone introducing you to other users.
  • SMSalias – Send and receive short messages to mobile phones around the world from desktop.
  • SMSFax – Provide worldwide SMS bulk messaging tools and connectivity.
  • smsGeezer – Send SMS text messages from the web, email, a downloadable program, or Excel.
  • SMSWhiz – South African – bulk SMS aggregator. Multiple gateways. Delivery advertised globally.
  • sms2world – Provides you with a cost-free newsticker in the Internet, whose content you can easily update by means of SMS from your own cell-phone.
  • SumoText – mobile solutions provider for both individual users, as well as enterprise customers.
  • Tatango - connects all groups, organizations and businesses with their communities through text messaging.
  • Telsis Limited – Supplier of products and solutions for enhanced voice and video telecommunications services. England
  • Text2Land – Offers users the ability to send sms to landline phones.
  • Text For Free – Offers anonymous text messaging with no usage limits.
  • TextingForward – TextingForward provides clients with mobile marketing solutions using SMS technology.
  • TextMarks – TextMarks is an early stage company focused on making text messaging more powerful and more accessible. We empower individuals and organizations to “text message enable” their information and their web pages — and to do so in a matter of minutes.
  • TrueSenses – Swiss provider of SMS and MMS covering Europe, USA and Australia. Various interfaces supported.
  • Trumpia – Text messaging that fully integrates with your various social networks, IM, and email.
  • txt4biz – Professional text message solutions and bespoke software solutions for customised SMS.
  • TxtHire – Based out of South Africa, TxtHire specializes in providing “mobile recruitment” solutions for employers around the globe.
  • TxtImpact – TxtImpact offers SMS Gateway services such text message delivery using SMS gateway APIs. They offer both HTTP and SMPP interface for sending and receiving messages to and from US and worldwide carriers.
  • Wiana SMS mesh gateway – Send text messages for free to any bluetooth mobile connected to the meshAP network.
Wire2Air – makes it easy to stay connected with your customers, clientele or mobile organization.

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